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Grow Plot

Updated 01 / 17 / 2018

The grow plot is located at the Hidden Gardens, in Willowbrook Il.
16W658 S. Frontage Road
Willowbrook, Illinois 60527
(630) 655-8283

Grow Plot Manager: Matt Mazza (PSBS member)
(630) 588-0716

• The Grow Plot Manager is not a Hidden Gardens employee.
• Please call Matt, at (630) 588-0716, prior to performing any work on any Grow Plot material or taking any trees for Society use. (Members only)
• Please call Matt, at (630) 588-0716, if you have any potential bonsai material that you wish to donate to the Society.


1. Support Society members by offering a place to hone tree care skills and build an understanding of the needs of trees of varying species and age.

2. Support the Society by taking in donated trees, caring for them, and preparing them for workshops sponsored by the Society and for use in General Meeting raffles.

3. Carefully maintaining the trees by fertilizing and pruning for general health as preparation for styling by guest masters at Society General Meetings.


General maintenance will begin on Saturday mornings in April, 2018. Actual start date To-Be-Determined and posted.

General maintenance will include pruning dead foliage, minor pruning to allow light in to lower branches or for prevention of issues like reverse taper, weeding and/or cleaning the pots, and fertilizing, and checking for disease and/or insect infestation. Re-potting will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

Any member wishing to work at the Grow Plot should bring their own tools, rubbing alcohol and a cloth for cleaning the tools they use before and after work (and when reasonable, in between work on different trees), and hand/eye protection.













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